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Terne Coated Roofing

Copper Roofing Plymouth

TERNE COATED STAINLESS STEEL – A Terne Coated Stainless Standing Seam Cladding comprises of terne coated stainless coils, fixed to one another via two vertically standing seams. The seams are then crimped together on site to seal the system and prevent water penetration. The terne coating is a specially formulated alloy consisting of zinc and tin in order to dramatically increase the metal’s corrosion resistance. The coating also gives an appealing natural weathered appearance similar to lead or zinc. This can be very useful in conservation projects where planning authorities would like to retain the appearance of either lead or zinc but the weight and/or costs may be prohibitive.

Metal Cladding – The above materials can also be considered for use on the cladding of building walls.

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